Filling the Freezer—Apple Crisp

It’s that time of year! The apples are plentiful and begging to be popped into your freezer. One of our favorite frozen stockpiles is apple crisp. Last year, Becki converted an entire bushel of Ida Reds into about 25 4-cup apple crisps. Her husband, Randy, helped by cranking away on an apple-corer-peeler-slicer. She tried to keep up, coating apple slices with sugar and spices, and covering them with a crisp topping. Her stash lasted well into the winter. And she was able to give away a number of them as Thanksgiving gifts for teachers and school bus drivers.

One Cooking Among Friends® devotee hosts an annual apple crisp party. She has everyone bring a pound of butter and six pounds of apples. She provides the dry goods and spices for the topping and filling. Friends peel and slice the apples, someone processes the topping, and everyone goes home with five or six 4-cup tins of apple crisp. Brunch is served before the crisps are made . . . and of course a large one is baked to eat after clean-up!

Whether you plan to fill your freezer on your own, or enjoy doing so among friends, we hope you enjoy our recipe.


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