8-Cup Tins with Foil Board Lids


Defining a Single Serving Size

One cup of an add-a-side entrée is one serving. An add-a-side entrée is a meaty or hearty item intended to be served with or over an additional side. Examples include Beef Stroganoff (to be served over noodles or mashed potatoes) and Hunan Chicken (to be served over rice).

One and a half cups of a stand-alone entrée is one serving. A stand-alone entrée is an item inclusive of rice, pasta, or significant amounts of sauce or vegetables (soups and stews). Examples include Lasagna, White Chicken Chili and Turkey Pot Pie.

Most Frequently Used Tin Sizes

Groups find they prepare add-a-side entrées more frequently than stand-alone entrées. We have found that a four-serving group most frequently uses 4-cup tins, and less frequently has a need for 6-cup tins. A six-serving group most frequently uses 6-cup tins, and less frequently has a need for 8-cup tins.


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