I made this for our group today. To cut even another corner, I bought a bag of the Hormel Bacon crumbles (Sam’s Club) so I didn’t have to mess with frying up the bacon. It was so easy and looks delicious! Thanks!! (the bags of precooked and crumbled bacon are also available at Gordon Food Service)

Our group really enjoyed this dish. We loved the sauce so much that we would recommend doubling the sauce part and giving each dish more sauce. It is yummy!
Good recipe to try with your group!

What did you serve on the side with this dish?

We served the dish with a side of wild rice and a hearty tossed salad. If you do the extra sauce like I mention in my above post you can put a mound of rice on the middle of the plate and lay a piece of chicken over the rice and drizzle extra sauce over the chicken and rice garnished with some fresh chopped parsley. It makes for really nice presentation for serving if guests are over and the rice with some of the extra sauce is a wonderful flavor combination!

I also suggest to round out the meal the “best ever garlic bread” found in the forum section. You can not go wrong with adding this bread to the meal.

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