Thursday, May 01, 2008

More than a Meal—Soul Food

I think one of the best gifts I’m able to give my family is a great mealtime. Frankly, before Cooking Among Friends, things were rather haphazard. Sometimes my frantically-fixing-dinner mood got in the way of a relaxed, enjoyable bonding experience—you know, that June Cleaver kind of mealtime. Thankfully, those days are largely behind me, thanks to a freezer full of fabulous entrées. By and large, the dining room table is the place where we do most of our connecting and bonding with one another as a family.   Read More >>


Capture a plan for make-ahead entrées that is doable and fun! Without devouring the grocery budget, or ravaging your schedule, you and your lucky friends can plan, prepare, and swap fabulous food items. Prepare? At your utmost convenience. Plan and swap? Now you’re talking fun. Get together to chill, connect, swap, and plan for next time. We'll help you get started!

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